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JUNE AHS Harp Carivale, New Orleans, LA!

How much fun it was to be a part of such a wonderful team of talented harpists and event planners. As the volunteer coordinator and webmaster for the Harp Carnivale this past summer, How thrilling it was to taste the true flavor of New Orleans by basking in the ray of Harp sun light at the same time!  See the pictures and video snippets in my gallery and on Youtube and Instagram for a sneak peak!


My favorite place to go during the summer!  In Parssipany, NJ the Somerset Harp festival a Harpist's dream!  Far away from the temptations of New York, there is nothing left to do but live, breathe and absorb the wonderful group of serious harpers who come to gather to learn from the best Harpists in the business! Oh, and did I tell you I presented an Ipad Workshop too?  See the tech corner for more details!








Harp Carnivale Volunteer Coordinator and Photographer

Somerset Harp Festival- Workshop--Using the IPAD for Musical Practice Workshop!

Attended the Southeastern Harp Weekend - Ashville, NC

Tech Corner 

Did you know can very inexpensively build your own recording studio around your IPAD, Smart Phone or Tablet?  I have a customized studio to create demo CD's for clients--one who actually got a singing part in Carnegie Hall!  What did I use to record the music?  A Hand Held Zoom Recorder and edited the music using a free tool called "Audacity".


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