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About Me



Karla Williams is Electric Harpist who plays Gospel, Jazz  and Latin Music. She has learned valuable skills and ways of interpreting the harp from her current Musical Mom-- Latin Jazz harpist Patrice Fisher of the Band Arpa. of whom I would have not been where I am now due to her patience, guidance and just unspeakable level of mentoring and coaching.


 Inspired and engaged in music (Guitar) since her college days, but came late to the Harp.  She has studied under former White House Harpist Mary Fitzgerald and  Deborah Henson Conant.  She also took singing lessons for many years with the late singer Sylma Gottlieb, friend of Leontyne  Price.


Ms. Williams is currently enrolled in the Berkley School of Music program to further her harp studies.  She  is currently a PMO Project Manager at The Department of Health and Finance in Washington, DC.  She  has over twenty years of experience in Information Technology in both the corporate and government sectors.  She has a BA in Foreign Languages an Masters degree in International Affairs from Georgetown University, and is a Ph.D Candidate in Information Systems Management.

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